Welcome to Emerald City
Game Masters Guild!

A Guild of professional Game Masters
serving new and experienced players

Due to this year’s events surrounding COVID-19, we have moved all public and private sessions online in order to protect the safety of our Game Masters, our clients, and the general public. We will add in-person games as a booking option when CDC guidelines deem it reasonably safe to do so.

Our Products

New Player Portal

Emerald City Game Masters Guild is here to remove the mystique of Dungeons & Dragons! We're dedicated to helping you navigate all the basics in a safe, judgment-free environment.

Solo Players

Looking to get your game on?
You’re not alone! Click through to grab an open seat at one of our scheduled one-shots and/or campaigns!

Group Games

The Guild provides several options for groups of up to 6 players. We're equipped to run games for new players, experienced players, or any combination of the two!

Family Game Time

Let us take you and your household on a guided 2-hour adventure with easy to learn, family friendly one-page RPGs. All you need is a laptop and your game face! Ages 7+.

Kids' Club

The Emerald City GMG Kids’ Club is designed especially for our youngest adventurers! Come learn the basics of Dungeons & Dragons, pick a pre-generated character, and play a week-long mini campaign with us! Ages 10-14.

Birthdays & Parties

Emerald City Game Masters Guild is proud to help you make your next party an unforgettable event! We are more than happy to facilitate groups of all ages and experience levels. Click below to book!

Corporate Team-Building

What better way to build camaraderie and boost morale than a customized session of Dungeons & Dragons? (Experience not required, only enthusiasm.)

West Marches

West Marches, created by Ben Robbins, is a sandbox-style, ongoing campaign where players drive the story! Lucaria and its surrounding areas are open for you to explore and develop as you wish... but there's no telling what dangers and discoveries wait in the wilds.


Our Mission

Emerald City Game Masters Guild was founded in 2019 to lower the barrier of entry into tabletop role-playing games for new players, orphan players, and groups in need of a Game Master. Our Guild is committed to fostering safe, inclusive, and engaging environments for players of all backgrounds, especially those who have been marginalized by the TTRPG community.

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