High Fantasy

You and your allies are the kingdom’s last best hope to halt the dark forces that would plunge the world into a thousand years of despair. Find the key to destroy the great evil, be the heroes the people need, and see your name writ in poem, story, and song forevermore!

FFO: The Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Tamora Pierce, Elder Scrolls, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


It’s the job of a lifetime, and every crew in the realm, all of them seasoned and well-oiled machines, wants to take it down! This is a business for professionals only, and it’s gonna take guts, wits, and a not inconsiderable mean streak to claim the bounty for your own. Build the perfect team, execute the plan to a T, and take it all right from under their noses.

FFO: Firefly, Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job


The classic, and for good reason! Unspeakable horrors behind every door, traps lining every increasingly narrow escape route, and (hopefully) a horde of treasure at the end that could last you a hundred lifetimes. That is, if you manage to make it through this one…

FFO: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, Uncharted


A backwater town with a sheriff drunk past caring, and the baddest gang in the realm looking to set up shop. An angry young firebrand looking to avenge the death of a beloved parent, and willing to pay every cent they own to see it done. A showdown in the streets with innocent bystanders that need protecting. There’s no law out here but the fire in your belly, the friends at your back, and the weapon at your hip. Saddle up!

FFO: Star Wars, Star Trek, Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven, Mad Max, Fallout


Get ready to swash some buckles and shiver some timbers! Brigands, blackguards, and rapscallions of every stripe stand between you and your prize. Are you a member of the Imperial Navy, or a lowly sea-dog with a dinghy and a dream of forgotten gold? In any case, it’s time to fly the colors, guzzle some rum, and take what you can without thought to giving one single bit of it back.

FFO: Vikings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Sails


When you’re young, school can feel like a life or death struggle every day. But when your classmates have astounding strength, the power to bend reality, or a connection to the gods themselves, that struggle is all too real…

FFO: Steven Universe, X-Men, The Magicians, Lumberjanes


Though the trappings may be genteel, anyone with half a wit knows that the gilded halls of The Court are more deadly than any battlefield. Spies and assassins lurk in every shadow, rivalries and vendettas run deeper than the dungeons, and anyone, anyone, can be bought. Can you survive and thrive in such a place? Better tip your food taster!

FFO: Knives Out, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Americans


A child gone missing, with a strange symbol left etched on their bedroom wall. A corrupt government official found dead, with their rival denying involvement. A wife or husband convinced their spouse might be in bed with a literal devil. Whatever the case, and however dirty your hands might get trying to solve it, you accepted payment up front, which means you’ve got to see it through…

FFO: The Dresden Files, Agatha Christie, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, Tales from the Loop


A house possessed by ancient evil. A vampire prince toying with you from his castle on a faraway hill. The dead rising from every grave to besiege a helpless village. You may fear them. But they should be vastly more afraid of you.

FFO: Parasite, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Battle Royale

Many enter the sacred battleground, but precious few will leave alive! Prove yourselves the most fearsome warriors in the land, earn the favor of those in power, or perhaps give them a taste of their own blood and burn their bleak circus to the ground. Are you not entertained?

FFO: The Hunger Games, Gladiator, Spartacus