Birthday Parties

2 Game Masters, 4 hours… one unforgettable event!

Most Epic. Birthday. EVER!

Emerald City GMG is proud to help you make your next party an unforgettable event! Our Game Masters are equipped for groups of all ages and experience levels.

Cost: $75/player

* Book a party of 6 or more and receive a free Tier 1 subscription to our West Marches server! *


Let our Game Masters craft a unique and awesome adventure tailored to your celebration!


Engage with friends and family members through collaborative storytelling!

Low-Barrier Fun

All of our Parties include the services of two GMs, to ensure all players are supported and encouraged!


“My kid’s birthday was amazing! Davey led the kids on a great adventure and was awesome about adjusting to their needs and unique personalities. The group was a mix of experienced and brand new players and he did a great job explaining and running a game for all levels. Zoom can be an awkward platform, especially with kids, but Davey did a great job setting norms for the game and keeping things going.”

— Thekla R., Washington (she/her)

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Minimum 3 Players to book. Maximum 6 for a One-Shot / Campaign; 8 for Birthdays & Parties. If you need more players, feel free to request our Players-for-Hire service in the "About Us" section.
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