Custom Games

Explore our customization options below to — literally — choose your own adventure!

Choose Your Adventure Path!


Looking for a one-time game? Our “One-Shot” package is a full adventure arc in a 4-hour sitting! (If you’re new to the game, your session will include a brief introduction to the game mechanics.)

Cost: $50/player

"One-Shot" =

Otherwise known as a one-time game! Individual games are also commonly referred to as "sessions."

Campaign (Custom)

If you’re interested in a full campaign run by a seasoned pro, look no further! Our catalogue of Adventure Hooks lets you literally choose your own adventure!

Cost: $35/player

Campaign (Module)

Request a GM to run your favorite pre-written adventure! Click here for a list of available Modules. (For D&D 5e campaigns only)

Cost: $25/player

"Campaign" =

A continuing storyline involving the same characters, spanning multiple game sessions!

moss, dewdrop, forest floor

Don't have a group, but you and a friend or two want to play?

Not to worry! We also have players-for-hire to fill out your table, assist with the rules, and make your experience one for the books.

Just let us know how many extra players you need when booking!

Cost: $25/extra player

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