Frequently Asked Questions

tabletop role-playing game (or pen-and-paper role-playing game) is a form of role-playing game (RPG) in which the participants describe their characters’ actions through speech. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a set formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, players have the freedom to improvise; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the game.

Absolutely. If you’re flying solo, we’ve got lots of ways to help you play!

  • West Marches: Join our subscription-based online D&D campaign (best if you’re already versed in the game)
  • Players’ Collective Discord: Jump into open games, and/or find lots of cool like-minded TTRPG enthusiasts to form a group with!
  • Monthly Beginner Games: If you’re a new player, we also run 3-hour online introductions to D&D every 4th Wednesday!

Nope! Whatever you or your party members’ experience levels, we can customize a one-night adventure where we show you the ropes and introduce the core concepts in a safe, judgement-free environment. This experience includes 1-2 hours of explanation and a quick adventure. Just let us know on your booking request form.

If you’re both new to the hobby and a solo player, we highly recommend our monthly “D&D for Beginners” Game, hosted online every 4th Wednesday!

Head on over to our Contact page and send us a message with your name, contact info, and a bit about your GM experience! ECGMG will contact you about our on-boarding process.

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