Giltak is an awe-inspiring figure. Standing at 6ft tall and weighing 350 lbs, their blue scales betray the electricity crackling from within. Having devoted their life to their god Trithereonm, Giltak travels the world protecting the innocent from oppression of all forms. Espousing their beliefs whenever possible, Giltak can be a real drag at parties. They just can’t help themselves from bringing up Trithereonm whenever a poor unsuspecting person is within earshot.


Summation of Abilities

Wielding your Holy Smite with impunity, you move through the world like a hammer of justice! Your Dragonborn heritage not only gives you an imposing stature, but allows you to shoot lightning out of your mouth!

As the designated protector, you can shield your allies from harm while dispatching foes with thunderous blows with your long sword. You are the pillar of righteousness, and all those who challenge your beliefs shall fall by the might of Trithereonm!

Breath Weapon

Action: Once per short rest, exhale destructive electricity in a 30 ft. line. All enemies caught in this torrent must make a save or take 2d6 Lightning damage.

Damage Resistance

You have resistance to Lightning damage.


Reaction: While wielding a shield and a creature you can see attacks a target other than you within 5 ft., you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll.

Divine Sense

Action: You can detect good and evil.

Lay on Hands

Action: You have a pool of healing power that can restore 15 HP, you can touch a creature to restore any number of HP remaining in the pool.

Divine Smite

Your bread and butter. Add the power of the gods to your next hit by spending a spell slot. This adds 2d8 Radiant damage on top of your normal hit!

Channel Divinity

Action: Imbue your weapon with sacred power once. For 1 minute, the weapon is considered magical: you add +2 to attack rolls, it emits bright light for 20 ft. and dim light for 20 ft beyond that.

1: Command: Compel your target with your holy righteousness! You have 5 commands: Approach, Drop, Flee, Grovel, and Halt.

1: Protection from Evil: One willing creature you touch is protected against certain types of creatures: aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead.

1: Sanctuary: You ward a creature within range against attack. Until the spell ends, any creature who targets the warded creature with an attack or a harmful spell must first make a Wisdom saving throw.