Kids' Club

Online games for ages 7-18, all experience levels. (Parents welcome, too!)

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

— Albert Einstein


Collaborative storytelling propels players to make new friendships (and strengthen existing ones), share the act of creation, and overcome challenges as a team!


Immersive gaming encourages kids to engage their minds and act boldly as they develop and sharpen new skills!


Community-focused fun teaches lessons about personal identity, interacting with others, and living responsibly in the world!

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What You'll Need to Play...

Please review these expectations with your player(s)!

Internet Access & a Microphone

Sessions are run through Google Meet. Camera and headphones are also ideal, but not required!

D&D Beyond

Create a free account on, which we'll use for character creation!

Limited Distractions

You'll wanna bring all of your focus to this epic experience!

Snacks and Water

There will be a short break in the middle of each session, but it's always good to keep these within reach!

Cooperative Attitude

D&D is about working as a team. Watch out for your party members, and they'll watch out for you!


Get ready to explore fantastic worlds and acheive amazing feats!


“Thank you for bringing some summer camp into kids’ lives during this weird year… My personal favorite bits were hearing [my kid’s] character’s more dramatic reactions reverberate throughout the house.”

— Rebecca N., Washington (she/her)

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