Meet the Guild

Our Game Masters


Every GM goes through our Guild audition process, employs TTRPG safety tools, and is beholden to our Code of Conduct.


You can expect clear communication, respect for your time, and high-quality storytelling from every GM on our roster!


Our GMs are equipped to handle groups of every experience level and are experts at "rolling with" whatever their players need!

Flip through our bios below to explore each GM’s unique approach to the role!


“Thank you again for the game, it was so so much fun!! I was pretty nervous and you guys made it so chill and great!”

— Maya M., Hawaii (she/her, @critrolememes)

Admin Team

Douglas Johnson

Owner / CEO
Wizard (School of Conjuration)

Caitlin Macy-Beckwith

General Manager / Comms. Director
Cleric (Life Domain)

Nikki Silveira

Community Outreach Manager
Bard (College of Valor)

Jason Panzer

Director of Operations
Warlock (Pact of the Tome)

Reecie Miranda

Corporate Consultant
Sorcerer (Divine Soul)

Ian Bond

Program Director
Paladin (Oath of Devotion)

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