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Our Game Masters Are...


Every GM goes through our Guild audition process, employs TTRPG safety tools, and is beholden to our Code of Conduct.


You can expect clear communication, respect for your time, and high-quality storytelling from every GM on our roster!


Our GMs are equipped to handle groups of every experience level and are experts at "rolling with" whatever their players need!


Allison Smith (she/her)

Adapting Books and Movies into One-Shots/Campaign Settings - Improvisation - Weaving Scenes - Setting Up Players for High Stakes Adventure


Chad Breeden (he/him)

Upending Expectations - Tying Players to the World via Relationships, Items, and Consequences - Mashing Up Settings, Themes, and Genres - Puzzles - Cleaning the Tops of Refrigerators


Davey Oil (he/him)

Collaborative Storytelling - Improv - Inclusive Gaming - Teaching New Players and GMs - Gaming with Kids - Minimalist GMing - Freewheeling Adventure

GM Bio - Dee

Davell "Dee" Toles (they/she/he)

Voice Acting - Dramatics! - Descriptions - Creative Combat - Finding Loose Change

GM Bio - Doug

Doug Johnson (he/him)

“Yes, and…” - Needle Drops - Humor and High Stakes - Audio/Digital Accompaniment - Outrageous NPCs

Gary Headshot17-01

Gary Thomson (he/him)

Storytelling - Flexbility - Fun - Humor - Overthinking Everything - Animal Handling


Ian Bond (he/him)

Collaborative World-Building - Team Storytelling - Character-Driven Stories - Trope Reversals and Inclusive Narratives - Working with Young or New Players - Damn Good Times


Jason Drew Panzer (he/him)

Improvisation - Collaborative Storytelling - Epic Moments - Memorable Villains - Puns!

GM Bio - Maxx

Maxx Hirsch (they/he)

Roleplay Encounters - Puzzle Design - Critical Role Settings and Lore - In-Game Breakfast (yes, really) - Homebrew Artifacts and Items

Nikki (WS)

Nikki Silveira (she/her)

Teacher Voice - Online Gaming - Working with New Players - Crying in Character - Character Creation

GM Bio - Becca

Rebecca Demarest (she/her)

Fiction (Science Fiction and Fantasy) - Nerd Lore - Improv - Adaptation to Unusual Player Choices


Quinton "Q" Chastain (he/him)

Gritty Realism - Mouthwatering Culinary Descriptions - Improvisation - Fantasy Cartography - Moustache Twirling


“Thank you again for the game, it was so so much fun!! I was pretty nervous and you guys made it so chill and great!”

— Maya M., Hawaii (she/her, @critrolememes)

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