Meet the Team

Doug Johnson – he/him
Owner, CEO
Wizard (School of Conjuration)
[email protected]

Caitlin Macy-Beckwith – she/her
General Manager, Director of Communications
Cleric (Life Domain)
[email protected]

Nikki Silveira – she/her
Community Outreach Manager
Bard (College of Valor)
[email protected]

Jason Panzer – he/him
Director of Operations
Warlock (Pact of the Tome)
[email protected] 

Ian Bond – he/him
Program Director
Paladin (Oath of Devotion)
[email protected]

Sharise Williams – she/her
Corporate Consultant
Sorcerer (Divine Soul)
[email protected]

Social Media:

Caitlin Macy-Beckwith – she/her
[email protected]
Twitter: @CaitMB

Sharise Williams she/her
[email protected]
Twitter: @BoldReecie

Company Logo:

Galen McGuire – he/him
[email protected]


Michelle Blanchetshe/her
Selena Nichsshe/her
Eric Silerhe/him
Nikki Silveirashe/her

Lore Team:

Chad Breedenhe/him
Quinton Chastainhe/him
Doug Johnsonhe/him
Evan Macy-Beckwithhe/him
Galen McGuirehe/him
Logan Powershe/him
Nikki Silveirashe/her
Davell Tolesthey/she/he
Josh Tumblinhe/him

*Character Creation System inspired by Gabe Hicks’ “Class Modifier Module for 5th Edition”

Character Art:

Madison Nicoleshe/her
Twitter: @MoNicole_Art

Ben Baird
Helen Bates-Green
Craig Christian
Celeste Conowitch
Jayne Dickinson
Gabe Hicks
Byron Johnson
Kenna Kettrick
Brittni Liyanage
David Macy-Beckwith
Billy McAlpine
Maya Miesenzahl
Tadd Morgan
Justin Oba
The Park Pub
Shana Pennington-Baird
Charlotte Peters
Kyle Rees
Jess Ross
Chris Robinson
Rebecca SerVoss
Skål Beer Hall
Jazzlyn Stone
TeKu Tavern
Hannah Tyo
Lauren Urban
Jen Vaughn
Brad Walker
Corbin Wolf
Brandi York