New Player Portal

Emerald City Game Masters Guild is here to remove the mystique of Dungeons & Dragons! We’re dedicated to helping you navigate all the basics in a safe, judgment-free environment.

Introduction Game

The first Saturday of every month, we host our 90-minute new player sessions (specifically for players who are brand new to D&D and/or nervous about navigating the game). We'll ease you into the experience by providing you with a character, and explaining mechanics and core concepts. This is a low-pressure introduction to the most popular tabletop role-playing game in the world!
Cost: $10/player

Character Creation Workshop

After you have learned the basics, let us walk you through character-building and your next steps as an adventurer! We host these sessions on the second Saturday of every month. This 3-hour intermediate game is designed for players who have a grasp on the game but want to navigate advanced concepts in a learning environment.
Cost: $20/player

New Player

Gather your friends and join us for the adventure of a lifetime! Every third Saturday, Emerald City GMG will guide you through a 4-hour adventure designed for new players. Pick from one of our pre-generated characters, or bring your character from our Character Creation Workshop!
Cost: $35/player