Everyone knows when Phimys is in the room. They woo and amuse everyone they come in contact with, be it a ballad accompanied by their lute or a sonnet recited from memory. Is that sonnet secretly about the marriage of the King to a hog? Who knows, the performance was so transfixing that the audience is just happy to be in their presence.


Summation of Abilities

A jack of all trades, master of none, Phimys is the most versatile character in the group.

Gifted with a silver tongue (Persuasion and Deception), you can talk your way in and out of most compromising situations. When putting on the charm fails you, a flash of your trusty Rapier enables you to swash-buckle with the best of them. 


You can see in darkness (shades of gray) up to 60 ft.


Bardic Inspiration

Bonus Action: By playing an inspiring song on your lute, you can cast “Bardic Inspiration.” With “Bardic Inspiration” you can gift your team mates with an extra d6 to roll on one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw.

Mantle of Inspiration

Bonus Action: spend one use of Bardic Inspiration to give your party health points and allow them to move around the battlefield immediately.

Enthralling Performance

Add to a Performance: After performing for 1 minute, you can choose 3 creatures to become charmed by you for 1 hour. Essentially, they become your hardcore fans!

Cantrip: Minor Illusion: Create a sound or image, can be used for distraction or flourish

Cantrip: Vicious Mockery: Do psychic damage with a sick burn!

1: Charm Person: As it says on the tin, attempt to grow friendliness with the help of magic. Once the spell ends, the target will know that you pulled this shenanigan.

1: Disguise Self: One of the classics. You can change your appearance to anything. The only limitation is that you can only grow/shrink a couple of feet.

1: Tasha’s Hideous Laughter: You transmit the funniest joke in the multi-verse into the mind of the target. If they fail their save, they double over, belly laughing for 1 minute.

1: Thunderwave: A get out of jail spell. When enemies are in your face, you can produce a massive shock wave that pushes everything back 10 feet and deals thunder damage. Always helpful when you’re feeling claustrophobic.

2: Enthrall: Aided by magic, you tell a tale so captivating that the audience can only focus on you. For 1 minute, your targets can only focus on what you are saying. The trance is broken if the target is harmed in any other way.

2: Magic Mouth: One of the sillier spells available, Magic Mouth allows you to create an arcane speak back device. You choose an item, then give it a message of no more than 25 words, then choose the trigger for the mouth to pop up and repeat your message.