Team-Building Events

No experience needed; only enthusiasm!

Gather Your Party

ECGMG is fully equipped to run your next team-building exercise! We will work with you to create a D&D session specific to your workplace culture, and provide the necessary Game Masters to accommodate teams up to 60 members.


Build camaraderie and boost morale through collaborative storytelling, and create shared memories in an immersive setting.


You overcome challenges at work together week in, week out... Now now let's see you all figure your way out of this ancient Dwarven puzzle room (or whatever).

Shared Victories

The cooperative (not competitive) nature of Dungeons & Dragons allows players to identify where everyone's unique strengths benefit the entire party.

Eight Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from Dungeons & Dragons

by Goldie Chan for Forbes

“Dungeons & Dragons reveals that there is no best leader — but that we have the ability to become better, more thoughtful leaders.”

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Each Game Master can accommodate a "table" of up to 6 players.
Tell us about your event, general experience level of the team, anything you'd like us to know about your company culture, etc.

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