West Marches

WM head (WS)

West Marches (created by Ben Robbins) is an online, heavily modified D&D campaign style where players not only dictate the story, but where and when it happens. It has the best of both worlds: the convenience of play-by-post with the engagement of in-person interaction.

Emerald City GMG has created the world of Lucaria for you to explore and influence, both on your own and with the community. The world outside the town gates, aka β€œThe Wilds,” is vast and unknown: filled with dangers, treasures, and mysteries yet to be revealed. Find your community, exercise your agency, and discover a whole new way of playing the world’s most popular tabletop RPG!

The game is played both on Discord & via video chat sessions. The server provides down time activities, RP with players outside scheduled sessions, and engagement with the growth and development of Lucaria. Sabotaging other players will not be tolerated and your character is expected to respect the local laws.

No matter which Tier you select, you’ll be able to…

πŸ—‘ Join as a solo adventurer!

πŸ—‘ Find a party — or parties — to go on expeditions with

πŸ—‘ RP as your character whenever the mood strikes you, so “down time” can be just as fulfilling as active play

πŸ—‘ Play scheduled “quests” with our Game Masters via video chat

πŸ—‘ Create your own Wondrous Items, Armor, and Weapons through our bespoke Crafting System

πŸ—‘ Attend server-wide special events hosted by our mods

πŸ—‘ Read weekly tales of your party’s exploits on Twitter @TheLucarianHerald

πŸ—‘ And SO MUCH more!!

All subscription packages include unlimited server access and item creation; unused games roll over every month